Technoline has just adopted a new corporate identity (CI), one that builds on the previous one in terms of look and feel, an example being the retaining of its distinctive green cube.

In the new logo the letters, as well as the cube, have been given a three dimensional look and feel, with shadow and light, as well as a faint shadow underneath. Clarity was an essential message included in the brief handed to the branding firm concerned. The logo had to be blunt, yet stylish and easy to recognize at a glance.

According to Technoline’s Managing Director Simon Cusens, this upgraded CI will continue to strengthen the company’s recognition in the industry, communicating its forward looking vision as a leader in its field. This has gone hand in hand with the creation of a completely new web presence, further establishing its commitment to future growth and forward thinking.

Simon Cusens announced that Technoline will make much more use of online media, and has already adopted for its email marketing. He sees email as the obvious medium with which the company can reach its customer base effectively, whilst also making use of the epaper's sophisticated tracking system.

The firm behind Technoline’s new CI is  When asked what he sees in the new logo, Dmax CEO Ray de Bono said "the new logo inherits most of the characteristics of Technoline’s previous one, whilst bridging the company with the digital age, giving it a deeper dimension and outright dynamism."

Whilst appreciating Technoline’s pioneering role in having been one of Malta’s first operators in the medical and scientific supplies and maintenance sectors, Simon Cusens sees the new CI as ‘timeless’, therefore strengthening the company’s mission and business aspirations for the future."